Vlan SM


I want to implement Vlan, on our Cambium wireless network, the client does not have right router to be able to encapsulate vlan, so they want all the traffic from SM to be tagged as vlan 20, while rest of the SM would be normal untagged traffic.

I have set AP vlan active, and also enabled dynamic for the testing purpose but cannot find anything on SM, the older firmware had ingress, but this one is different 11.2, has anybody implemented and used such vlan ?

Many Thanks,

You mean you want to pass VLAN 20 as tagged through the SM, or have the SM untag VLAN 20?

On 11.2 the settings to control these are:

Configuration -> VLAN -> set Default Port VID to 20 to tag/untag at the ethernet interface
Configuration -> VLAN Membership -> add VLAN 20 and it will be available

Thanks for the reply, i mean traffic from that SM should be tagged as vlan 20.

i will try the below and let you know how all works, thanks again for the response.

Don’t forget to disable management vlan pass-thru, otherwise all your management traffic will be passed through to the wired port as well.

We are using this type of setup to implement one vLAN per customer and it works just fine. If you forget to turn off management pass-thru, it will mostly still work, but IPv6 router advertisements and other broadcast traffic on your management network will leak through and could cause grief. It took me a bit to figure that one out.