VLAN tagging in SM

Hello All,

I'm trying to tag traffic coming from a router connect to the SM with a specific VLAN 998. But i can't seem to reach the router. Can any one guide me as to how i can achieve this? Will be very grateful.


I am trying to get a picture of the set up in my mind.  You have a router attached to an SM and the router is tagging the packets with VLAN 998?  Then you are trying to reach the router from somewhere on the other side of the AP?  Is the device on the other side of the AP accept VLAN 998?  Is trunking involved?  Are you using dynnamic learning on the SM?

I think possibly the problem he's running into is that the SM strips the tag upon egress like an access port on a switch. This would be the issue if 998 is defined as the Default Port VID on the SM.