Vlan tagging on PMP450

I need help to understand how to configure VLAN tagging on PMP450i AP and PMP 450b SM.

Is possible to use 2 tagged vlan for public addressing (for wan interface on SM) and one tagged (or even untagged) VLAN as management VID ?
Wich is the best solution for this scenario ? All vlans has a dhcp server for addressing.

thanks in advance.

I’m doing exactly that. Here’s the config page from my 450i AP:

I’m managing with VLAN 450, I have some traffic on VLAN 451, and I have traffic on VLAN 1, which is no tag. I don’t ever recommend using no vlan on management - protect yourself with a VLAN.

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Thank you for your reply.
So you have manually added each tagged vlan in the membership table. I didn’t because I’ve just enabled dynamic learning.
Your management vlan is tagged ? wich traffic you have on vlan 1 (only untagged I suppose). On SM you use Q or QinQ ?

Not that poster, but we don’t use dynamic learning so we add each vlan to the membership table. Management is also tagged and in the table. Q enabled, QinQ disabled.

Thank you, it works !!
It also works if SM has Dyn Learning enabled, is just more flexible for me.

Thanks again for your help!

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