VLAN tagging

we’ve got 3 DSL lines feeding 3 towers…we’re going out via a 2.4 backhaul 5.7 miles to tower 1, then we’re connecting into an omni there feeding towers 2 and 3 with a 5.7 AP.

each DSL line has a block of static ips - and some towers have a need for some of those static ips - i’d like to use vlan tagging to seperate out each DSL line.

I’ve got a managed switch made by dell that allows me to assign a port to a vlan…but i’ve got to feed all this out to the towers via the omni and the backhaul.

Confused…help? where do i start?

i’ve also got the dell manged switch at each tower.

thanks in advance,

EDIT: I missread your original post…

Each pop has its own DSL line with a subnet of public IP’s. You want to be able to share those between towers, from multiple blocks (because of the 3 DSL lines). I don’t think this is going to be very easy to do.

I need more thinking power and I am low on it tonight. hah…

Generally speaking you cannot take a flat network with public IP’s spread across the infrastructure then use VLAN to segment via cluster or tower site for the public range.

In other words, you generally need to seperate one subnet per VLAN routing back to the head.

Yeah, yeah, there are ways around it, but good luck on that one.

If you are using a routed block of IP’s to the site then your router will have to have three ethernet ports with a routed IP block on each ethernet interface and then put them on three seperate ethernet ports on your Dell switch and make those ports Untagged for each seperate VLAN.

Or some routers will VLAN for you from one port (again, usually assigning a VLAN to one or more subnets, but NOT two VLAN’s to a subnet). Then you would have the router sending out tagged VLAN packets to your Dell switch on one port and the dell Port would be a Tagged Port with a Trunk/Membership for all of the VLANs from your router.