vlan traffic via canopy BH

Hi All,

We have a point to point backhaul connectivity which connect to cisco switch configured as access port.Currently only the internet traffic is being passed thru that backhaul link.

Now I want to pass vlan via backhaul.For that I have a plan :

1.Backhaul link both connected to cisco port.
2.Now both BH connected port is configured as trunk port.
3. want to pass vlanx,vlany…thru that trunk

I have a question: Can we just make that access port as trunk port and add many vlans ?
Will all the vlans pass thru backhaul to next end.I just need to do is extend vlan via backhaul ?

Will appreciate a lot and thanx in advance.


You are correct. There is the one catch of management access to the backhauls, however.

You have two options:

1. Use the native/untagged VLAN for management
2. Set a management VLAN ID on your radios

The first one can be less than ideal because of all of the traffic that Cisco switches send in untagged frames, especially if you leave it in VLAN 1 (the default), as well, certain models punt untagged frames from a trunk port to the CPU for processing instead of switching the frames in hardware, which can cause a performance hit if you have anything beyond management traffic running through it.

I would recommend going with option #2. The manual for your hardware can show you where to enable a management VLAN