vlans AGAIN (works)

Hi everyone!

I have VLANs working on my canopy network, and to my surprise it works GREAT! And was actually pretty simple to setup. But I have a question…

I currently have 2 vlans, one for my main network, one for the hotspot controller/network. Tower A BH is plugged into port 3 on the switch and that port is trunked.

Tower A which is setup as above works perfectly. VLANs work as you’d expect.

What do I do about Tower B?

can I trunk more than one port on the cisco switch? I did try and it seemed like it caused some weird connectivity issues on the vlans that work so i turned it off.

OR could I plug both BHs into a “dumb” switch and then plug that switch into my managed switch with that port trunking? would the dumb switch pass the vlan tags untouched? seems like it would.

The switch is a cisco 2950 (i think) it is 3am right now! :slight_smile: .

unfortunately I dont have another cisco switch laying around to try this on the bench.

Make since?

by the way, i know a lot of folks have had questions about the vlan. so if you’d like me to post my setup let me know.

Eric in Colorado

so i guess the 2950 can have multiple trunked interfaces. so thats interesting.

i’m still wondering about the unmanaged switch placement and if that’s possible.