Hi all…Any body knows where I can find instructions on how to set up vlans.

Is anyone running VLans successfully in an enviroment with say 1000+ SM’s?

I have a little over 200 Sm’s on a cluster, no vlans yet, but I do need to set them up…any help will be greatly appreciated.

I have just over 200 SMs registered on 10 sites - nowhere near 1000 but I am using VLANs. Each site has a different VID (to keep broadcast domains small). I als have a number of customers using my network for LAN extension that I have assigned dedicated VIDs to for their use (basically giving them there own link). I am currently using 16 different VIDs.



can you help on how on set a simple VLAN so that one SM cannot reach the other, so they are on different VLAN.

We have BAM, and there is also a setting for VLAN, but i am not sure where to set and what to set, if you can help it would be great.

repost, anybody who can help ?

A few things.

First, if experimenting with VLANs, I highly recommend using BAM to assign the VLAN ids, as this greatly simplifies the process of getting back into the module when you lock yourself out (which you definitely will do :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Second. The Subscriber Modules tag all outgoing traffic with the desired VLAN ID. If you do not have a device which can untag this, your traffic will go nowhere.

Usually, a switch or router can do this. If you’re attempting to terminate the VLANs at a switch, you’ll need to set up a tagged port into which you’ll feed your tagged traffic. At this point, the traffic will only talk to untagged ports on the switch which have been assigned the various VLAN ids.

This method is somewhat limiting as you may end up needing a larger number of ports and greater complexity in actually enforcing cross-vlan communication rules (easy to defeat the purpose of vlans here).

I’m currently running in a setup with 1500+ hosts, and have a Linux based router taking care of the vlans.

The configuration of such a router is beyond the scope of this post, but a bit of research on this point should prove to be simple.

In closing, I will reiterate. You must have some device which can untag the vlans, or the traffic will go nowhere. The SM is simply a bridge tagging traffic with the vlan id’s, there is nothing in the canopy hardware that will break this down.