voip call limit per ap

I read a report that the limit of voip (g.711 or g.729) concurrent calls per Ap is about 34. using 5.7 AP’s and SM. If a customer has 3mb service it seems that the bandwidth should dictate more. 10 calls per SM seems possible or mre. Any thought?

We resell voip. We are not at capacity, so i’d be hard pressed to give real world feedback, however I have been told by a voip engineer to expect about 100k useage per line in each direction.
So… if we said 3mb * .8 (Packet overhead) = 2400 / 100 = 24 lines per SM I don’t think I would push it that far tho… 10 is probably a good number tho.

Also, the AP is limited at 14mb as well, so by the same math you could run 112 lines per AP… which again is theoretical, so I would probably cut that number down a bit as well since we have to factor in other network traffic.

Also, how do you plan to implement QoS? I think canopy’s QoS sucks personally, and would try to have that done by a router on the customers end as well as your WAN router if you are near capacity.

We have found that incoming RTP traffic from voip carriers does not have a DSCP marked, so we have enabled NBAR on our router to retag the diffserv field on the IP packets so the less intelligent devices give them the QoS they need.