VOIP equipment recommendations

Hi all! This is my first post, as I have been able to get everything working up to now just based on what is already posted.

I am consulting for a small WISP, and he is asking about adding VOIP to his service offerings. I have some limited experience with VOIP, and have gathered quite a bit of knowledge on settings and firmware versions for the Canopy system from the forum. Problem is, no one is discussing exactly what equipment they are using to deploy VOIP on their networks. I have had some very basic training on the Cisco VOIP switches, but the cost is rather high.

Can anybody recommend equipment to use to deploy VOIP?


well right now i am just reselling for vonage and packet8 and i have been reading a little and i think you can get what is called a softswitch but i think it requires non DiD t1 lines kinda like dialup lines but they work both ways then you would have to run a ratio like with dialup and purchase wholesale minutes and try to make profit that way. that is a good question and i would like to know more about it myself if anyone knows lets hear it.


We have pri’s located in each town we want local numbers for, we then us asterisk software on a linux box, using sipquest proxy server as our call manager.

Doest cost alot to deploy

http://www.ipsmarx.com/ has some good equipment for about 4 grand or so for voip gatways ect…