VoIP in Canopy

Please give me some help in running VoIP in Canopy. Our country support cannot run a higher priority radio channel in my system, and subscriber gateways - Sweden’s VOOD - don,t work OK. If someone has some experience in VoIP over Canopy, please, send me a contact e-mail

Thanks for any support


Recommend doing a search in this forum as this has been discussed before.

I have looked, but nobody has negative experience, and I had’nt found any clue for me. Maybe You can pick me some idea?

Chris Piotrowski - Ptysiek

Unless your AP, or BH is overloaded, Canopy is probably not the problem.

We, as well as other WISPs have found that VoIP issues are almost always related to the customer LAN. Using an appliance that places priority over the VoIP traffic before it gets to the SM is the solution.

We have clients on our network using VOIP and we haven’t even set up the network for High Priority Channels yet and they say it working great.