VOIP issues on75/25

Hi. I am having issues on VOIP flapping and not stable using GPS sync on 75/25.

Very strong signal, AP with 45" degrees sector gps sync with signal in the mid 50s.

very very strong, very stable, very high througput, but voip is not going well.

If I put the 50/50 or flexible, voip is perfect.

QOS on in the qos page.

with 75/25 even if we have about 20mbps upload available, the voip is flapping.

even in 2.6

Hello Maggiore81,

I would be really appreciate it if you could clarify whether you have issue without GPS-sync with 75/25 ratio configured?

Thank you.

Yes. on GPS 75/25 I have voip issues, choppy voice and heavy jitter.

With 50/50 everything is perfect.

My question was whether you have issue only with 75/25 ration ang switched on GPS or with Internal sync source too.

Thank you.


I have not tried with internal source, since the benefit of the GPS would be canceled.

I tried with GPS SYNC and 75/25, and VOIP suffedered a lot, even if the AP was lightly loaded.

The same AP, put on 50/50 with GPS SYNC worked perfectly.

Could you please verify CPU load via SNMP when you have issue with VoIP?

That issue could be related to high CPU load when GPS sync enabled.

Thank you.


I have no way to verify cpu load.

can I check it by CLI ?

can you please explain wich cpu load can cause voip loss if we have about 8 CPE on it with very light loaad?

I've gathered some debug information on your setup.

Thank you.

I was wrong about CPU load.

I will contact you offline to inform you about investigation results.

I also would like to know this, even I have to put on VOIP 75/25 sync , I hope not to encounter problems

I havent heard any news.

Hi Maggiore81,

I've sent you private message, but you did not respond, please find it below:

Re: VOIP issues on75/25

From: Moderator Fedor
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I have investigated your issue several days in Lab but without success.

Probably some conditions have difference.

I would like to propose investigate that issue on your setup if you have such possibility.

I am not sure that is FW defect.

Information that I have gathered on your setup talks that there is small VoIP packets loss(1.28%) and there is any loss of data packets.

It looks strange but can be explained by fact that VoIP packets have smaller amout of resend tries than data packets.

Please let me know about your decision.

Thank you.

We have had similar issues.  In some cases we are forced to use flexible because 50/50 does not provide the service level we need for the customers and 75/25 ends up delivering between 0.5 and 5 Mb uipload which is too little.  I have asked before and will ask pretty please again - ADD AN OPTION FOR 65/35 PLEASE