VoIP Not Starting: ipphone[29781]: Init Sip Stack Fail

I've tried chasing this problem before, but it always seems to resolve itself. Not tonight, though.

Running an update and auto configuration from cnMaestro is breaking VoIP functionality the system logs repeatedly show: 

<Wed Jan 20 23:02:46 2016> watchdog[655]: warn:restart ipphone for pcount(0->0)
<Wed Jan 20 23:02:47 2016> ipphone[5387]: ***system booting***
<Wed Jan 20 23:02:47 2016> ipphone[5387]: SW:142(120106174008)
<Wed Jan 20 23:02:48 2016> ipphone[5431]: UISignalControl[30][9000][30][9000][9000]
<Wed Jan 20 23:02:49 2016> ipphone[5378]: Wan If eth2.1 ip Change : ->
<Wed Jan 20 23:02:49 2016> ipphone[5387]: Local SIP Addr:
<Wed Jan 20 23:02:49 2016> ipphone[5387]: Start Init Sip Stack...
<Wed Jan 20 23:02:49 2016> ipphone[5387]: Init Sip Stack Fail

If, however, I reset the router to defaults, and manually configure everything, it works fine. 

The behavior presents itself by showing "disabled" for the FXS Status when they have actually been "enabled". I usually end up resetting / reconfiguring everything and it starts working.

Also, I just created a new template for use with v4.2 in the past few days. I applied it to several devices (without any issues). Also, I tested the templates on new devices without any issues.

I'm going to submit a ticket, but I just wasted 2.5 hours at a customer's location and am quite frustrated. I'm still excited about the cnPilot product, but these little time-sink issues are significant.


I think I found the issue through trial and error:

When the HostName parameter is defined with spaces, the Sip Stack fails to initialize and perpetually restarts. I imagine there are other issues, but that is the only one that is obvious.

I'd like the host name for each device to be unique to ease troubleshooting. The HostName parameter in the configuration file does not actually change the host name that is provided on the network at this time (The host name distributed is "cnPilot R200" even though the default value is "cnPilot-R200" and regardless of any change). I have been changing the parameter hoping it would eventually be implemented.

The default configuration shows:


My template shows:


I have devices that are working fine with spaces in the HostName parameter [that were configured with my template within the past few days]. As of today, however, whenever I change the HostName to a value that has a space, things break. Even if I overwrite the existing configuration with the same one.

Cambium, please seek the cause for this error and please implement an adjustable host name for network identification. I'm willing to help with example configurations.

Thank you, Chris

Thank you for sharing your findings. As you have already figured out, hostname is not configurable from the GUI, exists in the config file, and is hardcoded to the product model.

In the next release, hostname will be configurable so you can use unique hostnames. However, we will not allow <space> in a hostname (in accordance with RFC 952)

@Rajesh_V wrote:

In the next release, hostname will be configurable so you can use unique hostnames. However, we will not allow <space> in a hostname (in accordance with RFC 952)

Thank you for the information. I did not realize this particular parameter could not accept spaces (since the default has a space: "cnPilot R200").

I will remove spaces from all of my devices in preparation for configurable hostnames.

i just had a box doing this to me, i didn't think to check for the space...   hopefully that clears it up, i'm running low on ideas and i'd reallllly like to start getting more of these deployed.

Please provide the required information on email and we will fix it ASAP.