VOIP on Wirless system

We have been deploying Wirless with a mixture of 900 and 5.7 equipment. We are getting ready to deploy VOIP. However, in the testing we’ve done, we’ve had some problems. We have an employee who uses a Linksys phone adapter (Model No. PAP2) behind a router. Her phone works fine no latencey. We have another employee that is using a Sipura (SPA-2100). He can call fine, but the far-end person can’t even make out what he’s saying. The only difference between the two setups, as far as I can tell, is the fact that one AP only has 15-20 customers on in, the other AP has 30-35 customers.

I have tried turning on the High priority on the SM with 1000 and 1500 kbps high priority uplinks and downlinks. I also enabled the SIP Tos and RTP Tos settings to 0x38 and 0x78.

Any Ideas?

Which are you using, hardware or software scheduler? If HWS how many control slots have you set on the AP that is having issues? If using SWS what is the high priority uplink value on the AP? Do the SM’s have high priority enabled? Is 2x enabled?

Currently we are using only 900 Mhz for the VOIP. We are using HWS. We have 2 control slots set, with 60-65 customers on that particular AP. I did set 2 control slots on another AP that has 30-35 customers. That helped the VOIP quality from that AP. Do I need to enable more control slots?

What is your downlink% set to? You may find that lowering this to 50% will greatly help your VOIP users.

Do you have high priority enabled? If so shut it off and try the calls again. There is a problem which has been reported on 900 MHz HWS, with high priority enabled which is being reviewed by engineering.

Something simple to try first would be to have your two employees swap VoIP equipment and see if the problem stays with the Canopy connection or travels with the VoIP equipment. This will test your assumption that the VoIP setups are the same.

I have the down link set @ 75%… I just turned off the High Priority setting in the SM. I haven’t talked to the Customer to see how that is working.

Teknix… We have tried swapping equipment with same results. The SM that doesn’t work…dosen’t work with either ATA. The SM that works… does work with either ATA…FYI

Thanks for the thought though. I’m willing to try anything. (well almost anything)