Hi there, we are looking at starting to offer a VOIP solution to our customers. I was wondering if anyone out there has any ideas to share with us before we start offering this service. Any companies to avoid? some work better than others? I have heard about 1-VOIP and Ooma as a couple of services out there. BTW, we use ePMP 2000 as our primary model, we have some 450i 900 Mhz and two 2.4Ghz AP's out there. Nearly all new AP's will be ePMP 3000. Our typical customer subscribes to either a 6,10, or 25 Mbps plan. 


If you or any of your team is well versed with Linux flavors... Freeswitch is a great cloud PBX option, and it's free aside from whatever machine you decide to run it on. It also allows for open SIP, so is compatile with any open SIP handsets as well. 

As far as dial tone providers... There are a bazillion out there. Bandwidth, Vitelity (Now Voyant), RingCental, and many many more... The choice of dial tone provider will likely come down to your current and future volumes, and what commit rates make sense for your business. 

Hope this helps!


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