Voltage of EPMP 1000 SM

What is the voltage supported on EPMP 1000 SM (connettorized)

I know that I have to do the cable trick on pin 7,8, but what is the max voltage? on the back of the unit is written 22V-56V, but on the datasheet, 24V only

In the old integrated and connectorized units (with two 10/100 Ethernet ports) this range goes from 20 to 32 volts.

at 34V a TVS diode will short to protect the radio.
Don't ever feed more than 33v to those units.

They are reverse polarity (4,5)Negative and (7,8) positive, but you only need crossed cables if you are going to use non-cambium POE injectors. 
If you use crossed cables AND the cambium POE injector, the cable will "re-cross" the output of the POE and make your day.

the Gigabit-GPS-AP radio is 802.11af compilant, so you can operate it in the whole 22-56v range, any polarity.

the integrated CPE and connectorized CPE have 22-56v written on their labels, but that information is wrong, their absolute maximum is 33v.