Waiting for AP session establishment

Anyone encounter this one? Some of these radios will not onboard and give the message " Waiting for AP session establishment " on a 450.

I've tried reflashing the firmware, disabling cnm integration, saving rebooting and re-enabling it.  I can ping and contact the server by hostname from the shell . 

The AP is on board and others connected to the AP is on board. 

Any ideas?

Which version are you in ? 

Could you please send the logs from Logs->Device Agent Log

cnMaestro 1.2.1 (still waiting for a fix in 1.3 to import the data)


12/08/2016 : 07:45:32 UTC : : Parse error : 1
12/08/2016 : 07:45:32 UTC : : Invalid static cnMaestro URL [https://cnm.mydomain.com ] configured
12/08/2016 : 07:45:32 UTC : : Rand_bytes failed, error code : 0
12/08/2016 : 07:45:32 UTC : : Unable to discover cnMaestro URL (re-discover in 301 seconds)
12/08/2016 : 07:45:32 UTC : : Attempting (re)connection in 5 minutes

It has correct dns information and passes DNS tests. 

I'm seeing the same here. My AP's connect fine, but the SM's won't play.

Logs are the same as above.

Hi Steve,

There is an issue in your conguration , i believe accidently a space also got added end of the static URL

See this log  : Invalid static cnMaestro URL [https://cnm.mydomain.com ] configured, there is a space between last char and closing square bracket.

Could you please correct the same ?



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Could you please share the device-agent logs ? ( Logs-> Device Agent Log)

Yep that did it.  I should have spotted that space. 

Generally I have my browser remember the correct settings so its already auto-entered in for me so I know it is correct.  I think one of my colleagues must have did this by accident so I didn't think there would be the space.