Waiting for devices

I have been introducing devices in the cnMestro system through the serial number, but when I add them they leave me with status: waiting device. How can i fix this?

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can you please send me a private message with screenshot and cambium id?


Which device are you trying to onboard?
Are you using cloud or On-Premises and what do you see in device logs ?

I've have the same problem. I added 4 devices cnpilot e501, and one of them is hold on "Waiting for devices"...the others devices were onboarded without problem.

Hi ,

Waiting for the device status indicates that device is not able to reach or connect to the server.

Can you check the connectivity between the device not onboarding and the cnmaestro server.


If connectivity is proper, please send the debug logs for checking what exactly is the issue



Me pasa lo mismo  con mi Equipo Force 190 que recien adquirí,  ya cheque la conectividad es correcta

En el Equipo frecuentemente  me borra el Dato de ID Cambium 

En ciertos  momentos  me ha  aparecido cnMaestro Connection Status como que el equipo no ha sido reclamado, pero  al poco tiempo  vuelve en status a conecting   y veo que me borra  la configuración del ID Cambium del cn maestro

Hi ,

Once the device successfully onboards and comes to the onboarding queue of the cnmaestro server then the cambium id and onboarding key are removed from the device gui. This is expected. The device retries to connect to server every 5 minutes if it is not connected already.