Wanted: AP with bandwidth controls by individual IP & MA

Hi all, we are looking for an AP that will allow individual IP or mac address bandwidth controls… I know that we can purchase stand alone hardware that will do the bandwidth controls but we would like to do it right in the AP if possible. Barring that, anyone out there have any used stand alone units for sale??
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The Canopy system allows you to throttle bandwidth on a per-SM basis as of software release 6.1. In other words each customer premise equipment can be set to the appropriate bandwidth in which you wish to allocate.

thanks for the info, please bear with me, can you point me in the right direction in the setup for this, I am fairly new to canopy.


Take a look at the Configuration Page in the SM. You can set substained data rates up and down and a burst bucket up and down.

Have you downloaded a copy of the Canopy User guide from the Canopy web site. It’s 400 plus pages and has info on setting the bandwidth controls.

I use this on my network and have had no problems. I like the burst ability and use and sell this as a great benefit.

If you plan on utilizing this feature, be sure that all of your APs in your cluster have their “configuration source” set to “SM”. Your two options are AP or SM.