Wanting to switch from private iPs to static ips for our customers

Any suggestions? We have been having some nat issues for gaming and nothing works. Tried uPNP, port forwarding and DMZ settings. Read through some forums that private iPs will never leave nat type3 or strict for gaming.

This will pretty much be the case on a lot of picky systems. One of the things I did for a while was to loan them a few vpn routers and it worked ok until I got a big pool of public ip's. But yeah if you can get some public IP's then that will fix this issue and to be honest, those that have this issue will be willing to pay so you can actually make a little profit from it.

Im sure it changes in price but what have you seen in cost for static Ip’s?

We are facing the same issue. Applied for our public IP's over 7 months ago... Approved, but on a waiting list.