Wasted money on ptp425?

Am I the only one expected too much with the 425? Not delivering near 1g. I have a link with less than 4km, not noisy enough to make huge impact, only getting about 500m out of the said 1g up to throughput. Disappointing.

What width of the channel?
What frequency?
What software version?
What region?
A little more details to do something :slight_smile:

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I used the OTHER as region to unlocked licensed freq.

I have been exchanging email with camb support, but nothing helpful I have received

I wish I could 800m :frowning:

have you tried to use trasnmitter output power to 25dbi for example since you ar at only 4km try to see if that modulates higher?

yes. Ive even tried to put it down to 20. 25 is the sweet spot. i placed 27 though, to cover rain, also its over the sea.

Try to test firmware 5.1.1.i have a pair of these at 21km using 32dbi antennas passing 350mbps dl and 200. Ul in a very noisy enviroment. I would expect they pass a lot more at 4km what about using a cleaner channel?

You have other interfering radios at at least -70 within the 80Mhz channel you have chosen. You will need much cleaner air than that to realize the throughput you are hoping for, regardless of which radio you use.

I don’t entirely trust the epmp 3/4k spectrum analyzer results, but it looks like you should have some “cleaner” chunks of spectrum available, even if only 40Mhz wide to choose from.

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I dont know.

I have went down to 40mHz, only got me the 350m tops.

Helo, @grand_sator!

Could you pm me Tech Support Files from Master and Slave with Spectrum Analyzer enabled at least for 5 minutes before download? More info needed to find a root of your issue.

Hi. I think the two interferers in the 70’s will make an impact.
Looking how noisy your spectrum is, it’ll be tricky to find 80Mhz that is clean. ‘Maybe’ centered at about 5530 Mhz? I don’t know - there’s interference everywhere.

In order to get the maximum throughput, you’re going to have to have the maximum DS MCS11 Modulation… 1024 QAM 5/6, and that’s going to require the highest SNR.

Perhaps try a Force400csm, paired with a higher gain dish (narrower beam with better shielding) and see if that helps? Or with Horns, to eliminate noise from the side/back of the antennas?

You are using a fairly early 5.1-Beta. We had better results 5.1.1 release version. It makes sense to try the latest release, with all the latest bug fixes. I’m not sure that’ll help with a couple -70 interferers right in the middle of your 80Mhz, but that’d be worth trying.

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For reference - this is our link at 14.7 km, in 40Mhz mode, we get 450-460 Mbit through it (in 40Mhz mode) with most traffic going at MCS10 & MCS11

Here is a quick test of our F425 link in 80Mhz mode.
960+ Mbit throughput in 80Mhz mode.

F425-F425 965Mbit 80Mhz Fw5.1.1 June 2021


You should try for a moment higher frequency in the 6 GHz range to see if your radios will do QAM1024. If they don’t then the multi-path from the sea cold be the issue. You can try to point the antennas 2-3 degrees up to the sky to mitigate the multi-path.
I have 425 radio that has SNR like yours and it does maximum modulation and the performance your expecting.

@ninedd I have improved results when I added about 5ft in height. I probably need more than 5ft to get what I wanna see.

@gocenik You are mostly correct, I may be experiencing thermal ducting. Ill tilt both sides up to 2-3 degrees up as you have suggested. Incase, I wont get the results Im looking for, Ill try to add more height to it. Ive tried 6 GHz, its terrible, is that an indication of thermal ducting?

Ill keep you guys up to date!

Btw, whats the cause of this?


is this some kind of gui glitch?

Yes, it’s.
It’s not 5.1.1 yet, isn’t it?

Thank you.

Ihave changed the firmware, howevcer, I may have downloaded the wrong file. Excuse me a sec, lemmi update it real quickl

I think ive got it correctly

both are 5.1.1