Watchdog - Reset Ethernet of Force300

@oov100 wrote:

You can use SNMP CLI command to down/up ethernet interface:

F300>snmp set -v 2c -c private . i 2
F300>snmp set -v 2c -c private . i 1

OK - I finally had the oportunity to try this.  The AP side of the link in question stopped passing data over it's ethernet, and I issed these command on the AP, which did 'disable' and 'enable' the Ethernet.  THANK YOU - that's what I was asking for, and what I wanting to test. :)

Unfortunatelly, downing the ethernet did not resolve it (did NOT get data flowing again) and neither did turning Spanning Tree Off, nor turning 'Smart Speed' off. Nor any of the other settings which might be responsible for Ethernet weirdness.

I'm not trying to figure out how to trigger the "ethernet reset" with the Watch Dog, but no luck so far. I don't see any status or anything in the LOGS to let me know what the watchdog figures is going on (if it's hitting, if it's missing, what it's misscount it, if it's triggered the reset) - nothing that I can see to know what's happening.

Pretty sure you have a bad unit have you had support look at it? As I said on the previous post we had about 10 units doing this as sm's cambium replaced them all due to some issue with ethernet. I never was told exactly what the issue was but just to replace them.

OK, I will replace it again then.Thank you.

That notwithstanding - I see now place where the 'watchdog' has a status of when it's working, what it's doing, if it's ''hitting or missing'', if it has done, or any countdown to when it will do an ''ethernet reset''.  I see no status or feedback at all in the watchdog or in any logs.

We had a similar experience on our 27km ptp force 300-25L link. At the beginning we thought that the problem was our radios, every day from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. the AP stopped passing traffic After several days and many tests we detected that the problem was caused by the AP epmp 3000L that was misconfigured and placed on the SM side Check the devices connected after the SM.

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