Water in PMP450i 900mhz SM

During some torrential downpours, we notice that water is getting into our 900mhz SM. There is a hole at the bottom that does not seal and rain gets in because sometimes it goes sideways. The water never gets higher then this hole, but I am concerned about moisture or water wicking up the cat5 line.

Just wondering if we should be concerned? One of my techs suggested drilling a small hole in the bottom of the SM cover. 

After reading this I re-examined our PMP450i 900MHz SMs.  I don't see where the problem is coming from - the back of the unit has openings where the wire-tie tiedowns are located, and doesn't seal at the bottom where the cable(s) passes through.  I can readily see where it could get moisture inside, but not fill up with water.

If you are having trouble with the bottom cover on the SMs filling with water then I'd agree with drilling a drain hole bottom center, or ensuring that there's a slight gap around ethernet or ground cable.  Shouldn't be any problem with it " wicking up the cat5 line" unless the sheathing of the cable is damage, or made of something other than outdoor-rated plastic ethernet cable sheathing.


Maybe "fill" up is the wrong word. Just some pooling at the bottom of the case. And yes, it comes in the 2 small holes in the back. Not sure what you mean by tie-downs? Is that something extra we should be using?

There are two spots for cables to pass out the bottom of the housing.  Just above those spots are places molded into the back of the housing (with openings to the outside) where you can use wire-ties to more firmly attach cables to the unit, and reduce possible strain on the connectors themselves.


Ah I see. Thanks for clearing that up.