Water level for Canopy BH5700RF link !

I want to establish a link with Canopy BH5700RF. Which distance is 37.3 KM. I measure the tower hight with standard of Sea-Level. But between these 2 points there are some lakes. Is there any problem that the ground water level increase or decries between the Point-to-Point links. Please help me for this matter.

if the dish on each end can see the water, you can have reflection and multipath, causing high jitter and poor throughput. We have put the dish behind buildings so it can’t see the water and just peers over the bulding at the other end and it worked fine. If both ends can not see the lake, it probably won’t cause any problem.

Hello can u let me know by explaining the Dish can see the Water…?

& how to hide the dish behind the water.

We need to setup 24 kms link with 2.4 ghz AP-Sm with bothe end reflector also possible.