We have this problem whit pmp450i

Anti-cloning key not installed, radio disabled. Please contact support for assistance.
Device Information

Have you contacted support as the message suggests?

algun numero donde alguien me pueda ayudar o ya no sirve el radio

Support contact at https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/  to submit a ticket or call 

Mexico – Mexico City: +52-5547469747

We will be able to fix it remotely.  If you have a ticket number created post it as I will watch for it.


     Have you been able to contact the support desk for assistance.  If so, do you have a ticket number?


May i know how did you fixed this issue…I am facing same kind of issue in my one of the PMP450m radio.


If you read through the thread… the solution is there… you’re going to have to raise a support ticket HERE.

hasta ahora sin resultados, es rraro , nadie sabe de ese problema

hasta ahora ninguna solución