Weatherizing 450i 900MHz PTP

What is the correct method for weatherizing the new 450i 900MHz PTP radio?

The yagi connectors have what appears to be a silicone boot that slides over the connection.

I am concerned about its weather tightness and longevity.

The boot sits almost flush with the top of the radio and leaves no room for tape to make contact with anything other then the boot it self. The top of boot could be taped to the cable from the yagi.

Is the boot enough?

What about tape or silicone caulk?

We've been using the silicone boots that cover the RP-SMA connectors for about a half year now through a winter environment and now into summer and they're doing fine. If you're really concerned about this you could just simply move the boot up the RF cable and tape it, and then squeeze the boot back on, or just not use it if the wrap is too thick. What environment are you trying to use the PTP450i 900MHz in?

The area of deployment can be very windy three seasons out of four. Rain is often comparable to waves on the open sea.