Web interface hangs loading Signal level graph for ePMP SMs


We have the on-premises version 1.2.1 running for the past couple of weeks.

All working ok except the performance graphs for the signal level for ePMP SMs does not load.

We get the following message and it goes no further than this:


The same graphs work fine for PMP450 SMs.

All SMs onboarded are running most recent system software V3.0.1 on ePMP and V14.2.1 on PMP450 platform.

I have tried this on several different web browsers and get the same result.

Possibly this is a know bug but I thought I'd report it anyway.

Same issue here.

Any info on this problem?  We are experiencing the same thing!

Hi ,

This is a known issue on our end and this has been fixed for the upcoming releases.


Vivek Gupta