WEB UI Information (before login)

Hi Cambium,

It’s nice information we have in cambium epmp (before login), but there’s some information we want to NOT display. Can we configure it to hidden some/all information we not want to display in the browser.

Supported, I find very annoying, unhelpfull, and possibly a security breach to have everyone in a network sniffing arround our screens.

We have received this feedback from multiple customers. We will look into making this change very soon in a future release. Please do know that some customers have indicated that they prefer to see radio information on the GUI before login.

Hola, podria ser opcinal, ocultar información: si o no.

Hi, Yes, we're looking into making it optional as well. 

From Google Translate:

Hola, Sí , estamos buscando en lo que es opcional también.

How about if the guest login is disabled, then do not display the non-login status.