Webinar: Castle Rock Microwave Aurora Deployment Best Practices

During this webinar, we’re speaking with Brett Bonomo, CEO of Castle Rock Microwave, to discuss Aurora, Colorado’s updated municipal network utilizing 60 GHz cnWave and PTP 850E. Join this webinar to learn more about the products and their implementation for applications including LAN extension, Wi-Fi backhaul and credit card processing.

If you have any questions regarding 60 GHz and its uses for municipal networks, this session would be a great opportunity to do so!


  • Brett Bonomo, CEO, Castle Rock Microwave
  • Ray Savich, Director - Product Marketing, Cambium Networks


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Thank you for joining our webinar! You can watch a recording of the session here:

Case Study
60 GHz cnWave V3000 Data Sheet
60 GHz cnWave V5000 Data Sheet
PTP 850E Microwave Radio Data Sheet