Webinar Replay

I can't find a webinar replay for this webinar I watched in late May or early June 2015.  Can anyone direct me to a copy.  I did find the slides on DocSlide but I want to see the whole webinar again.

"Advanced Antenna Alignment with PTP radios"   by Bob Shaw, Federal Engineering Manager.


Steve Schuh

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Hi Steve - I will try to find that one for you.


Hi Steve, The webinar was in May of 2014 and unfortunately, the recording file is corrupted. I will work with Bob and see if we can provide an updated version of this presentation on the newest PTP solutions. Please let me know if there is something specific that you are looking for.



Thanks.  I was wondering why I couldn't find it.  I just really enjoyed it and learned some things that I wanted to share with some of my crew.


I spolke with Bob Shaw and we will be providing an updated version of the webinar on Wednesday, January 13th at 9am. You can register HERE.