Weird acting CPE

We added a new 5 ghz AP/sector and only have 2 users (this is our 4th AP). We can reach one of the SMs, but another we can't reach and work on. The AP won't list the SM info. Yet, as can be seen in this image, it runs the link test at 22 mbps and we can ping it and they can use it. The thing was working fine for over a month. These radios are about 1/2 mile apart along the same ridge with CLOS tp the AP and they are VERY rural . They have the same signal strength. Running on 5240 mhz. The AP and SMs are all 2.61. They were both configured the same (except for IP of course). When it does try to connect, we get messy html text screens. Ideas?

Download the 2.6.1 again and run the upgrade again on the SM.

It doesn't look like interference but it could be.

try changing your management to MCS 0.. at -77 at the bottom modulation, it won't take much noise to cause strange things to happen, but upgrading to 2.6.1 would be wise to do too. they've done some nice under the hood work with that last two major releases.

Alreadyat MCS0 for management and already at 2.6.1

are you able to SSH the radio and tell it to reboot?