Weird AP eval information

We are dealing with another wisp that is using Canopy in our area, and I can see their BH links on a AP eval on our 5.7 units. The other day though I found one of their BH links showing up 2 times in an fresh AP eval with different frequencies, power levels, but the same MAC address. I am fairly certain by way of Canopy Spectrum Analysis that the BH is only squawking on one frequency, but what could cause the odd eval info, and could it be causing problems to my 5.7 units (we are having interference issues that were not around before)?

Hi Terintamel,

This is because the AP Eval is remembered even if the master device is no longer visible or changes frequency, so it looks like they have changed frequency on their BH since last time your unit restarted.


That is what I thought at first, but I took a new SM powered it up to do a spectrum analysis and AP eval at their tower, and within a minute the AP eval was showing what was posted above. Unless they changed frequencies often and within a minute of my sm booting, I do not think it is old info. This was repeated at different SMs of ours around the vicinity of their tower at different times. As far as the Spectrum analysis showed only 5840 was broadcasting, but it was hard to tell for sure as they have ~6 degree beams on the BHs and I was not in perfect alignment with their units.

AP eval is not real time info. look for the “age” parameter. if the value is 3, then it have been 3 minutes since the last time it saw that ap…
spectrum analizer is real time info.

Same user count, CC, MAC… Still looks, that it´s the same AP. BUT did you see the difference in power levels? Could it be a DFS effect? Try to run Spectrum Analyzer for longer time, for example half hour.