Weird LBT Threshold Value

On a specific PMP 450i 3GHz radio, I am seeing a strange value for LBT threshold on the main status page.

On all of the other 3GHz AP's in the area, including another one on this tower, the value is -61.

It's causing continuous LBT errors

Any ideas?


  Would you be willing to re-attach the picture? I don't know if I am the only one, but I show it as a broken link on my browser.



I think the weird value is an effect of having the Tx Power turned down so low. I believe if you turned the transmit power up to 22dBm (+52dB from where it currently sits at -30dBm) then your threshold would weaken by 52dB and go from -9dBm to -61dBm.

That's pretty insane that it is triggering at -9dBm. Is this AP being fed sync via the aux port? Is it possible interference is being piped directly inside the radio? ...rather than through the antenna?

Problem solved! Changed the power from -30 to 0 and the LBT errors went away. 

Still strange the the same setting on the other AP didn't cause any LBT errors. 

That is odd. I'm confused as well on why it only affected this one.

Glad you got it working though.