Weird problem - Please Help!

Hi everyone,

I’ve been experiencing a very strange problem after deploying my last wireless link. I’m testing using these TrangoLink-45s and the link is probably no more than a quarter mile away. I’m using the U-NII band and have gotten the RSSI around a good level of -61 dbm and also the linktest at 54 mbps shows no dropped packets. Now here is where it gets strange. I can send data (thru VPN - Cisco 515 firewalls, AES encryption) at only like 1 megabit to a client PC on that end. However, I can send data from there to my end at more like 4-5 megabit. Also, there is another wireless link set up another hop from that building and it can also get 3.x megabit and it’s only a cheapie Orinoco 11 megabit link. Any ideas as to why one direction I am getting slammed on the throughput? The latency is still great to that site, 2-3 ms pings but I can’t get any more than 1-1.5 megabit. I already thought to change the switches on that end, which I did…but that had no impact. The radios look fine…I keep thinking ethernet problem but everything looks good. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Look here and there.

yep.this is a canopy forum. not trango