weird RSSI situation

Hi everyone

I have a couple of ePMP force 180 5GHz, connected as Access Point to Subscriber Module.

Distance between radios is less than 0.1 mile, but it was impossible to deploy a network cable.

The link has been working flawlessly for one year, but today I noticed this:

-50 dBm (Ch0: -54 dBm, Ch1: -52 dBm, extCh0: -97 dBm, extCh1: -97 dBm)

Both units see each other without obstacles, so, why do I get -97dBm on extCh?


Thank you for reading and I hope you can enlight me :-)


That is known issue.
Incorrect RSSI reporting for extension channels. It shouldn’t affect Network Entry process.
It is already scheduled to be fixed soon.
Sorry for inconveniences.

Thank you.



thank you very much,it was driving me insane.

It doesn't affect anything, I was just wondering why and searching for a non existing cause.

Glad to know that

Thank you again