I notice a weird little thing. For some reason alot of our radios will not accept the ‘<’ and ‘>’ symbols. We have a 5.7GHzBH P10, FPGA Version=061808, PLD Version=11 running 9.5 firmware and it accepts the < and > symbols.

However recent purchased a P10 2450SM (advantage), FPGA Version=061808, PLD Version=11, running 9.5 firmware and it would NOT accept the either symbol. So we upgraded it to 10.3.2 and still would not accept them.

So I checked this with a few other radios:

P10 2460(lite)
FPGA Version : 061908
PLD Version : 9

P10 2400 (standard)
FPGA Version : 061808
PLD Version : 11

P9 2460 (lite)
FPGA Version : 061708

P9 2400 (standard)
FPGA Version : 061708

None would accept those two symbols.

So I looked at an older 5.7Ghz BH running 7.3.6, P9, FPGA Version=020205, and it WILL accept those symbols.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? It’s not a huge deal, just interesting why some work and others don’t.


What does “to accept a symbol” mean anyway?