What about mobility?

What about mobility?

Is the canopy product point to point/p2mp only? What I would like to do if possible is blanket 36sq miles with the Canopy 900 MHz (I have areas with some dense trees).

Motorola has their motomesh product but in runs on the 5.2 GHz if I’m correct. That really wouldn’t give me the coverage I was looking for unless I added a lot more antennas an AP. Plus there will be many issues where a single car is over 5 miles from another.

The Network would be set up as a private network for a municipality.

I would like to be able to:
Connect different buildings together.
Setup temporary fixed workstations. Say a gate house to a park which sells park stickers.
Mobility. The option to use the 900mhz system in a vehicle and a 802.11 AP so an inspector may take a tablet PC to an inspection and have a live feed to the in-house databases.

We have tried Wireless Internet cards from a local cell phone carrier, but the speeds are just not there and the coverage is bad. I need around a 2mb or better connection between buildings and at least 500kbs to the car.

I’m just wondering that with the use of Omni directional antenna can mobility be achieve or does the single not radiant enough to for this to work. Most of the antennas would be mounted just over tree levels.