What am I doing wrong here? - CBRS multigrant

I know there was the requirement to keep frequencies on 0 end points… but I can not for the life of me figure out this grant.

Requesting 3580 frequency at 30MHz.

I’m getting:
3565-3570 (5MHz)
3570-3580 (10MHz)
3580-3590 (10MHz)
3590-3595 (5MHz)

Why is this requesting these instead of requesting:


I think you want to request 3575x30.

Always specify the center frequency, and preferable to ask for full 10 MHz channels unless you have some special reason.

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Why would I request a non-center frequency though? Wouldn’t requesting 3580 be center for 3570-3590 10MHz channels?

Requesting 3575 seems to me like it would do the exact same thing. Aren’t I asking for the full 10Mhz channels? I thought I was, but it’s doing something odd where it’s putting my 30MHz request into 40MHz of channel request.

You’re confusing me with your terminology. Yes, 3580 would be the center for 3570-3590, but that is 20 MHz, not 10 or 30.

If you want grants for 10 or 30 MHz of contiguous spectrum, your center frequency will end in 5. If you want 20 or 40 MHz, your center frequency will end in 0.

Maybe you’re being confused by WiFi where you specify things like Ceee or eeeC.

I think I’m confused yes…

Normally if I want to use 3580 @ 20Mhz I would type in 3580 and expect it to use 3570 through 3590.

I see where I’m going down the road wrong. I need to re do my calculations then so I land on a center frequency, which I thought I was doing.

Sorry… been a horrible long day with some outages… thanks for bearing with my stupidity on this one.

Yes, that is correct.

But you said that you wanted 30 MHz.