What are minimal requirements to make the Canopy network functional?

What are the minimal requirements to make the Canopy network functional?

Some minimal requirements are:

Power Requirements: The site must have some source of power. This can be AC, DC, Solar or Emergency Backup Power (UPS, generator, batteries).

Data Source Requirement: Furthermore, if the site is not being used as a repeater, a data source must be available (Ethernet Cable, Fiber optic cable, Modem, Telco line, Wireless backhaul).

Grounding and Lighting Protection: The site must have provisions for grounding and lighting protection. Local regulations must be followed regarding installation of RF devices. The site must be accessible for maintenance and it should be secure from vandalism, animals and "the curious".

Line-of-Site is needed. If you cant see it then most likely you can't talk to it.

Mount Structures: The mount structures should be rigid and capable of supporting Canopy hardware and the technician installing equipment.

Wind Loading: Parabolic antennas or reflectors should be mounted on structures designed to withstand the wind load rating of the antenna (at minimum).

Interference: It is important to check for sources of potential interference, other than those broadcasting around the same carrier frequency as Canopy.