What are some of the characteristics of the CMMmicro / CMM3?

What are some of the characteristics of the CMMmicro?

The Cluster Management Module Micro (CMMmicro) offers several services and features. A few of the offerings are:
* Network Interconnection

* Power Distribution

* Syncronization (Timing) Distribution

* Reduced Cables

* SNMP management

* Network Interconnection

A CMMmicro contains an 8-port managed switch which supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) on each port and connects up to 8 APs, BHMs, BHSs, or Ethernet feeds. A CMMmicro auto-negotiates to match inputs that are either 100 BaseT or 10 BaseT, and either full duplex or half duplex. These parameters can also be set by the operator if so desired.

Power Distribution

A CMMmicro distributes power to up to 8 APs, BHMs, or BHSs using Power over Ethernet (PoE). Ports can be powered or not powered, using a browser interface to the managed switch. Input to a CMMmicro is nominal 24 V DC, and output to the modules is also nominal 24 V DC. The CMMmicro comes with a separate 115/230 V AC to 24 V DC power converter.

Syncronization Distribution

A CMMmicro distributes synchronization to Access Point modules (APs) and Backhaul Timing Master modules (BHMs). It receives timing information from Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites through an antenna, and distributes the synchronization signal to up to 8 modules (APs or BHMs). The 1 pulse-per-second timing received from the GPS is embedded in the 24 V power that is sent to each module.

Reduced Cables

A CMMmicro provides Ethernet, power, and synch to a Canopy AP or BH over one cable terminating in an RJ-45 connector. Earlier versions of the CMM required two cables per modules -one provides Ethernet and power terminating in an RJ-45 connector, and the other to provide synch over a serial interface terminating in an RJ-11 connector.

SNMP management

A CMMmicro can be managed with a Network Manager using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). Most functionality provided by the CMMmicro?s web browser interface is supported by the Canopy Enterprise MIB.