What are the different hardware modules available with cnReach?

Module Options

cnReach is available in multiple frequency bands.  All modules have the same form factor as shown below.   Within each frequency band there are four possible configurations:

  1. Single radio
  2. Single radio with built-in I/O (8 general purpose input/outputs)
  3. Dual radio
  4. Dual radio with built-in I/O

Current frequency bands available are 900 MHz, 700 MHz and 450 MHz.

All modules have two serial ports (RS-232/-422/-485) and two Ethernet ports.  Power is provided by a DC source (10-32VDC).

The primary use of the dual radio options is to deploy back-to-back relay nodes.  In this configuration, as an example, one radio can be pointed West while the second radio is pointed East.  This is an improvement over traditional store-and-forward relays as the capacity is maintained through the link and latency is reduced. 

In this example the secondary radio could also be deployed as an Access Point.  This scenario effectively allows for self-backhaul and reduces the number of radios that need to be deployed, powered and maintained.

Dual radio modules open a number of unique deployment scenarios including the use of licensed 900 MHz and unlicensed 900 MHz in the same module or the use of two licensed channels in parallel for additional capacity.