what are you using for management??

Hi all, just wondering about management of our customers… I understand that we can use Bam/Prism for the actual management of SM’s but am wondering about billing, IP management, etc… what is being used out there?? I don’t want to re-invent the wheel if I don’t have to…

This is an excellent question. Currently one of my installers has a FoxPro database that the customer info is entered into (I also have the original paperwork from each install)- just for management alone, not for accounting or anything else (we use Business Vision for accounting). I have been trying to get this database ported to MySQL to power a web page interface for us, but haven’t had much time.

If anyone has any ideas I’m sure we would all appreciate them. My current system has many holes in it and I wish it was so much easier to track down customer info in the event of a trouble call. haha


acherman for trouble shooting try service desk from

for billing… mmm a little bit more tricky… we use peachtree… its a pile of ****,

Since we’re on the subject of management…am I correct in assuming that BAM (alone) is now obsolete and the latest version of Prism can handle everything? The reason I ask is because the page that has information on BAM sort of gives that impression: