What Backhaul Bandwith is required for a WISP


We are looking to become a WISP with Canopy products. One of our concerns is about the bandwith we need from our Internet connexion supplier. (Main Backhaul to Internet)

Pricing of this connexion is normaly very expensive and we need to buy the bandwith we need to offer a good service to customers but not in excess for our needs.

Somebody have a rule of thumb of what we need as Internet connexion or a ratio of the main backhaul bandwith / total individual customers bandwith.

Thanks to any inputs on that.


The main bandwidth to Internet depends on what kind of service you are looking to provide:

1) if it is a shared broadband access (compression 1:n) or
2) if it is compression 1:1

If you choose option 1 a good n could be 4, and the quality of the service is still high. Option 2 is more expensive but the math is more easy.

By the other hand, you have to definy also which are the bandwidths you are going to sell (256k, 512k, 1024k, T1, E1 etc) to buy any access bigger than you top product.

Hope this could help you.