What do you make of these cnM graphs

Customer reports their internet is off more than on the last 4 days. I looked at the graphs in cnM and this is the only radio having a problem on the AP and I’m assuming that the session drops are all this one customer but the CPE Uplink RSSI going to -40dBm SNR 51 but the Uplink MCS plummets to 0 and the Downlink data remains unchanged other than it just vanishes.

No other radios on the AP are doing anything unusual, it’s just this one radio. It’s been offline for a few hours now or I would grab a support file off of it. Getting ready to just go replace it but I just found the graphs so very odd.



Is this a force 300 by chance?

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If it is, you might check to see that it isn’t getting stuck in a reboot on association to the AP loop if you can access it from the lan side before you power it off to replace it. I can provide more symptom details if you suspect that might be it.

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-40 seems pretty hot… do you have your target set to -40 on the AP? We normally have ours set to the mid 50’s and and SNR of 40 is enough to get max modulations.