What does indicates this led pattern on my Force-180 ?

2 Days ago my connection went down, i looked into the F180 leds and its showing this pattern. Sometimes RED/AMBER lights stays on , but in 3 or 5 seconds the pattern comes back.

This is not the Force-180 but the pattern is the same.


The radio is scanning for a connection. 

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On the beginning the radio loads its FW, then it starts scanning. Nothing unusual.

Thank you.

First led, indicates there a link on Ethernet port 1, second led scan if there is a link on Ethernet 2.

Other leds indicate the May the radio is scanning frecuencies looking for the other radio, on a PTP en PTMP link. If your link was working and it went down it may be because some interference has been added in between your f180 link or misalignment, or the other Force 180 in case that it is a ptp link is down.

It can be something with the configuration also but that is only if someone has messed up with your devices or by mistake you’ve made a failed update or something like that, but you may have to check for interference.

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