What firmware are u using?

I can’t seem to find a stable firmware it looks like the last good one was 2.3.4 I think each new firmware keeps having more and more problems like 2.4.3 the web interface keeps locking up and you have to go to the site to reboot. 2.5 messed up when its cold out side and some of them drop gps for no reason. So what are u guys using are you still on 2.3.4 or are any of them worth using?

All of the issues you've mentioned have been resolved as of the newest release... 2.6.1... which happens to be the release we're running. I'm generally a fan of running the newest firmware across our network.


I have a pair of AP's running for 270 days on 2.0.2, and kicking. 

A couple of stations on them at the marks of 146 days, and 154 days now. 

(Those were installed and forgotten, never had any instabilities, except for some over-6-hours power failures)


I'm running 2.6.1 'latest' and it seems to be running fine. I don't see any stability or UI problems.  :)

Also, it was -33c here last night (about -28 F) and no cold-weather issues to report.  I am not actually sure if the hardware versions we have are part of the affected batches or not, but I can report that it was -33C and that we have no cold-weather issues to report anyway. :)


I am running Beta Ver 2.6.1 RC(10).  I installed on Thursday AM Feb. 25, 2016 and ran fine till Sunday night 20:00, Feb 28,2016 it reboot once.  Temp started cooling off from daytime high -5C to -15C.  Kept cooling off and it is currently -22C.  Seems to be ok not sure why the reboot happened.  AP batch is 56:CE and SM's are 56:C8.

Also was very windy last night around that time.  May have lost signal (?).

Hi Dan,

The release 2.6.1 is  available now.

Please upgarde the radio and check if the issue still persists, if so; please share the crash logs from the device, so we can check what might be causing this issue.

Email us at support@cambiumnetworks.com with the logs.

To capture the crash log on radios from an SSH session you just need to enter the CLI command “debug crashlog”.

Please feel free to contact us in case you need any further assistance.

Hardik Patel
Cambium Technical Support

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2.5.1 until this past weekend, then upgraded everything to 2.6.

No issues that I'm aware of, using CNS and cnMaestro to manage our devices.

They have some pretty nice features, I'm thinking with your older firmware you can't use cnMaestro yet.

Once upgraded you may get more insight once connected, just a thought...

OK.  Thanks.


I have been having Issues after updating my sector APS from 2.4 to 2.6.1 somework others drop off the network and i have to go to site to check the status of it, Anybody have this same issue?



Hi Tanner,

When you say the devices drop off, are these rebooting or they just disconnect?

Could you please share the logs so we can check what exactly happens.

Please send us the information to support@cambiumnetworks.com.


Hardik Patel

I lost connection to it off my network and have to drive to tower site assign myself a static to talk to it again, once i do that i will drop in 2.6.1 then it works perfect after that. We are in the middle of changing out all our equipment to Cambium, from canopy and ubquity.

Upgraded software last Friday and it has been running fine.  There was a small bump on Monday night, but we had freezing rain here so that might have been the cause.  Will keep monitoring.

I'm running version 2.6 and I have many problems with monitoring in the cacti, I don´t see fallen on the link, but the cacti shows me many falls I think version 2.5 is more stable, also I feel that the radios take a long time connect with this version 2.6, any suggestions, believe that better 2.6.1?, what problems resolved them.