What if one forget the BH IP address?

I was wondering if one forgets the IP address of BH module, would it still be possible to recover the lost IP without erasing the BH configuration. Of course one method is to use jumper cable, but it would set configuration to default IP. I dont want to do that. Is there any other possibility to recover the forgotten IP address???


If you use the default cable it will only temporarily change the IP address back to the default address. Is it the BH Master, BH Slave, or both that you forgot the IP address to? If you forgot the BHS IP you can get into the BHM and then LUID to the BHS.

I have lost IP address for both of the radios that is BHS and BHM. The radios have been hooked up on towers each of 100 ft height. It is tedious and high risk job to get some one up 100 ft on tower and put RJ11 default cable to reset the IP address. Is there any other easy way out to this problem ? Is it possible to get IP address from RJ45 Ethernet cable coming down from canopy radios?? If not I would suggest that future versions of Canopy radios should cater for this option…

A logical solution that comes to my mind is that there might be some Window based command or search engine that could resolve the IP address of connected BHM/BHS by running these commands from connected PC.This is same as digging out IP of one PC from other PC while the two PCs are connected back to back with RJ45 cross cable.

I am novice in this field and this situation is realy embarassing to me. I hope there would some Guru like Mohsin Sarwar who could provide clues to this puzzle.


run a snmp sweep or a ping sweep and you will be able to see it.

assuming that you have a public ip

i like to use solarwinds it has all kinds of useful tools

hope this helps

You can download angry IP and ping sweep ranges of addresses automatically.

Also, if you are using a CMM2, you should be able to build a default jack to overide the IP form the ground.

why not trying pinging it…

if it is still in the private IP, say 169.254.1.*

try pinging it up to

or… download IP tools to see what IP is replying and that could be your BHs