What is default EAP-TTLS password for ePMP CPE ?


After some power interrupts some of our users CPE goes to default state. We are using EAP-TTLS authentication but don't know default password.

In radius we can see a lot of attempts of authorisation:

Sun Oct 18 16:10:04 2015
Packet-Type = Access-Request
User-Name = "anonymous@cambiumnetworks.com"
NAS-Identifier = "Cambium:100D"
NAS-Port = 0
Called-Station-Id = "00-04-56-CD-0A-A5:WME:100D"
Calling-Station-Id = "00-04-56-C7-3D-B2"

What is the default password for user anonymous, realm cambiumnetworks.com for EAP-TTLS autentication? We can create user and connect each CPE one by one instead of going for repair. 


Please try cambium as a password. You may also want to consider disabling the reset via power sequence feature to prevent this from happening in the future.