What Is Reset Secure MAC Address Table In 2.4?

I've upgraded a few SM and instead of seeing their routers MAC, I see the above..

What goes it do? And if I reset, will I see the MAC address?

Thanks much.

Along the same lines, in 2.4 is the MAC address of the SM router listed anywhere? I cannot find it.

Thanks again.

RE 'Reset Secure...':  You can enable a feature in the newer firmware call 'LAN port security' in the Configuration->Network page, bottom left.  Once enabled, it abides by the next two settings, 'Number of Secure MAC Addresses' and 'Security MAC Address Aging Time'.  It will permit only 'Number...' MAC addresses on the wired ethernet side to communicate.  If a MAC is unseen for '...Aging Time' seconds it is removed from the active list and leaves a slot for another MAC.  If 'Number...' is set to '1' this enforces a single-device-at-a-time-may-connect policy.

The button you asked about is simply a manual override to empty the list of MACs and start clean.

The second part of your question (and the cause leading to it in the first place) is apparently a bug, you are correct that it is NOT showing the LAN-neighbor MACs.  Nor is it showing bridging table info at the AP for neighbors across the wireless.  (at least for us, in bridging mode)  Enabling LAN Port Security doesn't change things, still no display.  Nor does the info seem accessible via SNMP.


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