What is the best positioning 2.4ghz?


I need to improve the performance of a university's wifi.

I need to know if the channels and positioning of the e400 are good.

Image of the map below.

2.4 GHz may not be so good from performance point of view, considering fewer non-overalapping channels /  20 MHz bandwidth / likely other APs operating in same 2.4GHz,

We need to follow general wi-fi best practices which includes  

1. Site survey to decide coverage, most important work in desigining the best network from coverage point of view

2. Channel assignemnt (one can use image with auto-rf set). Auto-RF shall help choose best avaibale channel

3. cnPilot APs by-default uses channel 1,6 and 11 as non-overlapping channel. if more number of APs in same location, may be we can think of using 4 channels in 2.4 GHz (1,5,9, 13)

4. Keep client minimum SNR to 15 dBm, enable enhanced roaming with SNR set to 15 dBm in radio settings 

5. In WLAN enable "drop multicast packets option"

6. Disable lower data rates, if coverage is good and opt for higher data rates 

7. Ceiling / Wall mounting with height around 15 to 20 feets from the ground, no to table mounting at any point of time

8. Disable Wi-Fi protected management options if using WPA2 security 

9. cnPilot APs doesn't come with dynamic power, one may need to do manual power adjustment for fine tuning RF coverage