What is the best tool for looking statistic of canopy ?

Hi All,

I’m new baby for canopy and I’m still test and studied bahavior of it.
I need some cheap software (or freeware)that it can operate statistic of canopy. In my case, I have 38 elements(BH = 12, AP= 18, CMM= 8). I use Prizm for monitor them but it can’t keep data more than week. If anyone have suggestions, it might be great ! :idea:


try cacti


Low cost solutions:
PRTG - we use this. Works OK
Solarwinds - Liked it better but more costly
NetMechanica - Have not used

Free solutions
Cacti (mentioned)

Prizm actually stores (By Default):

2 Days data at 5 minute granularity (polled)
14 Days data at 30 minute granularity (averaged)
64 Days data at 2 hour granularity (averaged)
797 Days data at 24 hour granularity (daily average)

This can be modified in the /config/performance.xml configuration file. You can access the data using the Prizm SDK, or the .rrd files that the data is stored in.

What kind of statistics are you looking at doing?

I want to study behavior them. In Prizm, How long database(postegres) can keep informations(more than 3 months, 6 months or 1 year)?

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

The Databases (postgresql/Mysql etc.) themselves do not enforce limits. It is a question of how much storage capacity you have. Database Cleanup (in Prizm) is done via the maintainence functions to delete older database entries (Event Log information etc.) This can be customized using the configuration file:


Note: The performance stats are not in the db (except for the latest snapshot). The historical stats are stored in the .rrd files.